Q: Is Stony Hill a public sim?
A: Yes, we are open to visitors 24/7 in the main (Main being NOT the vacation villas) area of the sim. The Vineyards, Terrace, Artisan Deck and Equestrian area are all intended for the enjoyment of all.

Q: Is Stony Hill Child Avatar Friendly?
A: We welcome visits from children who are accompanied by a responsible adult. Villa reservations and accommodations are only for the grown ups however as the Villas are more suited to our adult guests. 

Q: Can I Get married/throw a party at Stony Hill?
A: Short answer - Yes. Long answer - Certain accommodations will need to be made and the homestead avatar limit needs to be taken into consideration with respect to our vacationers. Those seeking a venue for small weddings/gatherings can contact the sim administration for more information. (See below for contact details)

Q: Can I rez photography poses on sim?
A: Yes - You may do this by joining our group. Clean up should be immediate when you are done. Repeated disregard for this may result in the temporary loss of your rezz rights in the group.

Q: Is there a group fee & what benefits are there to joining?
A: Yes. A one time fee of $250L is charged. Membership allows for rezzing of items on the sim as well as automatic entry each month for members into a Villa raffle. Winners receive a free weekend stay in one of our exclusive luxury villas. We will also use the group to update on reservation availability and events taking place at the Vineyard. Last but not least the fee helps to support the sim. Stony Hills Vineyard does not make a profit from guests or vacationers.

If your first time joining the group is when you book a vacation here, your join fee is eligible for a refund . Simply send a notecard to Wiinks Resident. 

Q: Can we use vehicles at Stony Hill?
A: Only small, realistic items such as mopeds, bicycles and the like are allowed to be used. Horses are also an acceptable mode of transport on our roads and may be run in the pony training area as well. Horse avatars are welcome here if RP'd realistically.

Q: Are animals welcome at Stony Hill?
A: Yes! Realistic animal avatars that are natural to the theme of the sim (Horses, chickens, cats,dogs, etc) are welcome on sim. Realism should be kept in mind when visiting the sim I.E. Talking, purple horses or dancing dogs in capes aren't realistic and would not fit in with the natural ambiance of the sim. Rideable horses are also welcome such as the Waterhorse bento horse, etc.


Wiinks Resident/Ezra Locke