Stony Hill Villas

Reservations can be made by following 3 easy steps.

1. Visit our Calendar to view available dates. 

2. Contact Wiinks Resident or Missmimzi Resident in world to reserve your dates. 

3. Pay your deposit.


Villas go for 285 Linden a day ($1995L a week) and a 3 day minimum stay is required to reserve. If the dates you desire have already been booked, you can request to be on the waiting list for those dates in the event that the person who booked before you cancels.  

A deposit totaling half of your full bill is paid at the time of booking. This deposit assures your dates and is non-negotiable. Refunds can be issued up to one week prior to your check in date. After this, we will have a harder time re-booking the room for that week and refunds will not be returned. 

When you arrive at the landing zone, you can click the information board under "Information" to recieve a notecard that will offer additional details for renters or you can contact us for questions as well. 

Please be sure to visit our FAQ page for any important information, before reserving.